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About Us

Heideman Elementary is a vibrant learning community that supports ALL students. Heideman has a multi-tiered approach to learning and well-being. Teachers have been trained and are supported with ongoing professional development and inquiry groups to go deep into the work of reading and writing workshops and the cognitively guided instruction approach for learning math. This provides a strong, targeted core program for all students. Conferring, small group instruction, and strategy groups are how teachers know their students as learners and meet their individual needs. Students needing another layer of support join our Tier 2 team for small group reading intervention which targets specific gaps in phonemic awareness,  fluency, and comprehension.

 At Heideman, we have developed school-wide social-emotional learning strategies that include social thinking vocabulary, mindful regulation breaks, calm corners, schoolwide and individualized behavior incentive programs, and staff including counselors and paraprofessionals to support the implementation of all our strategies. Our counselors teach monthly lessons in classrooms on topics such as empathy and resilience. Students are supported based on their needs whether it be academically or emotionally.

Heideman Elementary School was founded on July 1, 1980.  It was named after Robert P. Heideman who was a principal at various elementary schools throughout Tustin. Roadrunner excellence continues year after year with our incredible staff and students!